TENHealth & Wellness Membership

TENHealth & Wellness Special Offers

TENHealth & Wellness collaborates with other holistic health practices through our referral program. The referral program is intended to build a community of holistic/alternative health practices where clients can build on their individual health needs by accessing services at either discounted prices or other special offers. If you're a business looking to be a part of the community, please reach out to us through our contacts page for more information. Please take a moment to look through some of the participating businesses.

The Program

TENHealth & Wellness Believes in building relationships with other health practices to better provide whole body wellness. What we are unable to provide we want to be able to refer out to trusted partners. We are seeking health professionals who would be interested in referring patients to a Nutrition & Wellness Coach to help their patient(s) in the management and progress of their overall wellbeing.

The Benefits

TENHealth & Wellness provides:

  • Patients have access to a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant for a period of six months (beginning when they book their first appointment).
  • Patients can choose to participate in a 6-week or an 8-week consulting session with continuous coaching on an 'as needed' basis for the remainder of the six months.
  • We will offer a special price to your referred patients.

If you decide that you are interested in partnering in this referral program (and we hope that you are!), we ask that our client's being referred to your practice receive a discount or benefit of your choice/design that balances with the parameters of your practice. We are open to all possibilities.